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The Chalet is located in Hudson Ohio, on seven acres. There is a large fenced pond area and a 2 acre field used for walking your pets. Bill and Sue have owned the kennel since 2003. They previously owned a successful kennel in California.

The residence is located on the property, adjacent to three kennel buildings and the office where you will drop off your pet.

At The Chalet, your pets are treated as our own. Pets from the same family may either be boarded separately or together, and if you have cats with us, they can also be together in our spacious cat condos. If you choose, your dog can be boarded in the Office, where they will have constant attention from the our Kennel Manager, Nikki, working in the office. The cats also reside in the Office.

    What Our Clients Say:
“Vito is a very playful and high energy dog and we’ve tried every kennel in the area without much luck –and he has come back hyper, aggressive, sick, or unfortunately even hurt. The Chalet is a completely different experience. Sue and her very professional staff take really great care of Vito.  Even though I’m not there, I know that he goes on daily walks and gets his energy out in their large property – I can’t believe how tired he is when he gets home. They provide all the food, and mix it just like he likes it, and they do a good job grooming too. The property is very impressive, very sanitary with multiple buildings and lots of yard space – it’s like a dog camp!  I finally have peace of mind when I travel, since The Chalet is all around a five star place -- and Vito is a tough customer to please!” 

                                                                   - Eugene Shatsman in Streetsboro OH

Consistently very good

"We leave our dog frequently at the Chalet and have consistently been very pleased. She is well cared for by Sue and the staff and appears to love her time there. In our experience the staff demonstrates both expertise and genuine interest in taking care of our dog; they have also been pleasant and easy to get along with in our dealings with them".

- Mike Burns in Hudson, OH

Crazy dog loves it!

"My dog is very hard to manage due to abuse prior to me adopting her from the APL. He is very very energetic and hates other dogs. My dog absolutely loves the chalet. She starts barking a mile or so up the street because she realizes where she is going. They know she is a strange one and takes care of her individual needs. We utilize the Chalet probably 3x a year. Only problem is sometimes they forget to bath her. I don't lose sleep over it though".

- Diana Woolf in Streetsboro, OH

The Chalet does an excellent job for us

"The Chalet grooms our dog, Snowball. They are pleasant, work quickly, do a nice job and charge a reasonable fee".

- Neil K. in Hudson, OH


"All of my dogs have been "special needs" adoptees from Summit County Humane Society. Whether it's a dog with 3 legs, a big Rott mix with dog aggression, or even a dog with a history of severe abuse that requires special handling precautions, Susan and her team of exceptional young people have never let me down. You'll find more modern facilities, but your dogs don't care about how old the concrete in the runs are. They just want people who will care for your dogs as you would. If that's what YOU care about, this is the place for you (and them)".

- Ted Moore in Stow, OH

Chalet is great

"I took 2 dogs (a male golden and a female akita) to Sue and the staff at the Chalet for several years and would recommend the Chalet to anyonewith larger breed dogs. While the kennels are not shiny new and there may be a few cracks in the cement, what won me over was the absolutely WONDERFUL staff that takes care of the dogs. These young people obviously love dogs and are kind and gentle with them. The entire staff truly care about your dogs and that means more to me than anything else. I saw staff members talking to every dog as they passed by, calling each by name. I opted for the Chalet over a newer, fancier kennel in town because of how the staff reacted to the dogs".

- Janet Kaufman in Bedford, OH

Terrific Spa for Dogs

"Sue and crew keep my Newf whenever we are out of town. My dog loves to be there, enjoys her play times, and always comes home bathed and groomed. The staff is great about following special instructions when med are needed. A true spa for dogs--makes it easier to go".

- Sandra Pickut McMannis in Hudson, OH

The Chalet is a wonderful place! You can tell the

"The Chalet is a wonderful place! You can tell the staff really cares about the animals. Everyone is always so sweet and up beat. My dog loves going there, and I would reccomend them to anyone!!..".

-Nicole at Yahoo! Local

"The Chalet Kennels is a wonderful family owned business that really loves your pets as much as you do. All of the kennel techs are pleasant and know my dogs by name and I often see them playing with the other dogs. I've never"

-JacquieBeans at Yahoo! Local

"Best care: customized to meet my dogs every need...i love them..".

-Yahoo! Local

"We use The Chalet Kennel for animal boarding. The last time we used them was probably two weeks ago to kennel our dog there because we went out of town. We used them because we used them before and we always liked the fee. Transcribed from a telephone interview ".


"I boarded my dog at The Chalet for 10 days and she got a bath on the day I picked her up. The Chalet was recommended to me by my usual kennel, which was full when I needed to board my dog. As much as I love my other kennel, The Chalet is equally as fantastic as place to board your pets. I had never boarded her for this long before. The people at the Chalet were friendly, attentive to my dog, and professional. My dog seemed to have a great time; she wasn't traumatized at all. In fact after a long nap once I took her home, she was back to her happy self. They bathed her the day that I picked her up and she looked great, her fur felt great, and over a week later she still smells fantastic! I love all the green space they have and they walk the dogs every day and have doggie play time if your dog is boarded with friends. They called me as soon as my dog was bathed so I knew she was ready. ".


" I boarded my two dogs and paid for playtime every two days. The Staff is very friendly and the dogs always come out real happy. I've gpne to a kennel where my dog would come out depressed so I use the dogs' happiness as a key measure.".


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